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100% Guaranteed Commercial Janitorial Services in Culver City Found Us

If you are looking for a responsible cleaning company that provides professional commercial janitorial services for Culver City companies you have reached the right place. Empress Janitorial boasts over ten years of experience in business cleaning services, and a sparkling reputation. We provide professional cleaning sessions for all types of companies, work hard to achieve the best results possible and offer you the most convenient cleaning packages in the area.

Our commercial janitorial services in Culver City are 100% guaranteed, which means that if our clients are not fully satisfied with our work, we will come back to address any inconvenience. Notify us about any issue in 24 hours and a team will come back as soon as possible. However, our 100% guaranteed satisfaction means more than dealing with possible mistakes! Our policy is to deliver results without any hiccups.

First Discussion And Quote For Culver City Commercial Janitorial Services

We know that communication is the key to any successful collaboration, so we always keep in touch with our clients. From our first discussion, when we describe our services, until final feedback, we always listen to what the client has to say. In order to advance a quote for our Culver City commercial janitorial services, we will need to see the location, evaluate its current needs and hear the client’s requirements. All the steps of this process will be coordinated with the client, for an optimal result.

Providing High Quality Commercial Janitorial Services For Culver City Companies

Once our evaluation is completed and the cleaning plan and budget is approved by both parties, we will send our teams to the specified location. All cleaning equipment and products are supplied by us for your convenience. Empress Janitorial teams are ready to start as soon as they reach the location, so that they fully use the time devoted to the cleaning session. Each one of our janitors has a great attention to detail, professionalism and efficiency. Our janitors have a vast experience in this niche and this makes our commercial janitorial services in Culver City the best in the area.

Continuous Evaluation Of Our Culver City Commercial Janitorial Services

We do not have a pre-established package, but rather develop our cleaning plan with the client. While in most cases the plan fulfills its scope and the result is perfect, there are times when the plan does not fully cover all areas. Constant evaluation of the results and a flexible approach allows us to improve our service and keep up with clients’ needs. This is what makes our commercial janitorial services for Culver City companies suitable to any type of business.

Maintenance Recommendations

The frequency with which clients choose to have our teams inside their businesses varies from company to company. However, the more frequently we clean for you, the less time that is needed for your next professional cleaning and contributes to a change in the company’s image.


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