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5 Star Feedback – We Have a Winning Santa Monica Janitor Team

Professional commercial cleaning can only be achieved in collaboration with hard working, reliable and trustworthy Santa Monica janitors. In most cases, the highly rated cleaning companies owe their positive feedback to their employees; the wonderful people that know how to please their clients. Empress Janitorial is well known for its professional Santa Monica janitors. We boast a highly trained, experienced and reliable staff that can comply with any client’s needs. The selection process is carefully designed so only passionate and skillful janitors can join our team.

Experience – The Best Way To Select Our Janitors For Santa Monica Companies

All members of our staff have at least 5 years of experience in the janitorial field. They are fully trained professionals who know how to best adapt their cleaning strategy for optimal results. With a solid knowledge in the cleaning industry, they can easily estimate the location’s needs and the best way to make it sparkling clean for a long period of time. Our Santa Monica janitors work with different types of cleaning products (green, traditional or clients’ choice) without affecting surfaces. Furthermore, they can work in large or small locations with ease.

Specialized Training For New Empress Janitorial Staff Members

Empress Janitorial is consistently hiring new personnel for clients’ comfort and on time cleaning sessions. Yet, none of the freshly hired staff members are sent to clean your business location before they have undergone training. We invest in our Santa Monica janitors, so that they can rise to our clientele’s expectations. We instruct our staff and teach them our principles, so that they can easily find their place in our teams and inside your businesses.

Spotless Criminal Record For Safe Commercial Cleaning

Our clients’ safety ranks high on our priority lists, so it is essential for us that all our janitors in Santa Monica have a spotless criminal records and stellar feedback from previous employers. Persons with no feedback or doubtful trustworthiness will not be taken in consideration for a job in Empress Janitorial’s teams. In addition t, all our janitors in Santa Monica are bonded for clients’ peace of mind.

Friendly, Yet Respectful Attitude

A smile and a respectful attitude are essential for any person interacting with others all day long. At Empress Maids we wear a genuine smile on our faces, are nice and patiently explain everything our clients need to know. Grim faces and impolite answers are not characteristic to any of our Santa Monica janitors, as for us showing respect to all our clients is as natural as providing high quality services.

Uniforms And Nametags For Easy Recognition Of Our Santa Monica Janitors

Empress Janitors is proud to be identified with its staff members, just as our members are proud to be part of our teams. They wear the personalized uniforms during cleaning sessions and nametags for easier recognition.

At Empress Janitorial we value our staff and offer appropriate compensation to keep them happy and enthusiastic about working with us. Therefore, we strongly recommend our janitors for proper, reliable and affordable commercial cleaning.


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