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$99 – Affordable Office Maintenance In Marina Del Rey

Whether your company is just starting out or you are on a tight budget for cleaning services, it is time you took a look at Empress Janitorial’s offer for janitorial service in Marina Del Rey. We have lowered the hourly limit to 3 hours so that small spaces can benefit from a thorough cleaning for only $99. Here is what you get when booking the $99 janitorial service for Marina Del Rey companies.

3 Hours Of Intensive, Personalized Cleaning

Our $99 janitorial service for Marina Del Rey businesses is a 3 hours cleaning visit which addresses the main issues from the specified location. Mopping, surface cleaning, waste disposal, vacuuming and dusting are few of the regular actions we do during these 3 hours. Just like all our services, this will be personalized according to client’s needs and requirements. We can do almost everything you need in this 3 hour interval. Therefore we encourage clients to tell us their preferences for achieving the best Marina Del Rey janitorial service in a short time.

High Quality Services

Choosing the $99 janitorial service for Marina Del Rey companies does not mean giving up quality services or making compromises on cleaning standards. We respect our clients and provide high value for their money. We will be using professional equipment, send highly trained janitors and give attention to all details. In this case affordable services do not hide poor quality. On the contrary, we know how image can prompt your success and we will work with you to improve it.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

The $99 Marina Del Rey janitorial service comes with full customer satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, if the cleaning service was not up to your standards, if something has been overlooked or has not been given the necessary attention, notify us about it in 24 hours and a team will be back to remediate the issue for no extra charge.

Cleaning Products And Specific Equipment Brought By Us

We provide the cleaning products, supplies and equipment, so that our clients will not have anything to worry about. We use the same cleaning products and supplies as for any other cleaning session, promoting a safe and effective cleaning. Upon request, we can replace traditional cleaning products with eco-friendly products at no additional cost. If you have a preference for certain products, we can work with them for your Marina Del Rey janitorial service.

Do not give up professional cleaning services when your budget becomes restrictive. Our professional Marina Del Rey janitorial service provides your employees with a clean and sanitized working space at an affordable rate.

Empress Janitorial respects and appreciates all companies, regardless of their size or type.. We believe that any business deserves high quality cleanings and will be honored to have you as our client. Contact us for a $99 janitorial service in Marina Del Rey to evaluate our services. You will not have to sign any contract or long term agreement. If you are happy with the final result we can provide you with a personalized regular cleaning.


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