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$99 | You Found Affordable Janitorial Services in Santa Monica

High quality and affordable janitorial services for Santa Monica businesses is hard to find, especially if the company is relatively small or is expanding continuously and needs regular changes in the cleaning plan. Empress Janitorial has the right solution for all types of locations, starting with small working spaces and ending with large corporations. Boasting over a decade of experience in the janitorial field and a firmly established reputation, Empress Janitorial is capable of answering promptly to any requirements without overstepping the line when it comes to budget.

Why Our $99 Santa Monica Janitorial Services Are Better Than In-House Cleaning

The $99 offer for Santa Monica janitorial services was designed as a means of persuading small companies to choose professional cleaning over in-house services. Outsourcing cleaning services to a reputable and trustworthy Santa Monica janitorial services provider results in a properly cleaned working space on one hand and a simplification of the business activity on the other. Dealing with something you know almost nothing about can lead to waste of money and proper quality. Most of our clients admit that in-house cleaning cost them more than $99 per session and the quality was poorer than when hiring professionals to do the job.

$99 For Complete Janitorial Services In Santa Monica

Empress Janitorial works for customer satisfaction. Therefore the $99 package includes 3 hours of intensive cleaning adapted to their needs and requirements. The work is structured based on priorities and a plan covering major issues is devised for a better use of our janitor’s time. The cleaning plan can be adjusted in time so as to best fit your company at any stage..

The visit also includes high quality products and equipment that will reduce the time needed for cleaning. This enables our team to provide the best and fastest janitorial services in Santa Monica.

How Is Our $99 Cleaning Session Different From Other Offers On The Market?

Empress Janitorial makes a difference on the cleaning market. All our cleaning personnel is bonded and insured for your safety. We wear uniforms and nametags for easy recognition and identification and a smile on our faces for a pleasant interaction with our clients. The staff is highly skilled, providing excellent janitorial services for Santa Monica companies.

We start working from the moment we reach the location, so that we can use all the time to its highest potential. While following the devised plan, our janitors use their experience to adjust and improve it according to on-site evaluation for Santa Monica janitorial services.

Empress Maids treats all its clients with the same respect and consideration. For us, the size and type of your company only matters for quote estimation and not for judging your potential. We do not burden our clients by putting forward pricy products, but rather try to offer the best value for the money. Green cleaning for Santa Monica janitorial services is available with us for no additional charge, as we believe that the planet is our best possession and we must cherish it.


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