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Empress Janitorial Is Looking for the Best Los Angeles Janitors

Empress Janitorial is looking for skilled, serious and reliable janitors from Los Angeles area and its surrounding cities. We offer stable jobs with a flexible schedule so that it will properly fit your lifestyle. Join the team to enjoy our company of respectful and hardworking people, to learn from the best janitors in Los Angeles and benefit from excellent working conditions.

We take pride in each one of our Los Angeles janitors. Their hard work, attention to detail and customer oriented attitude have made our company one of the top cleaning businesses in the area. Therefore, it is our duty to take forward the good reputation of our company and offer clients the same high quality janitorial services they got accustomed with. The stake is high and so are the responsibilities, but when working with true professionals, there is no such thing as an impossible cleaning mission. If you believe you have the talent, skills and determination to carry on Empress Janitorial’s tradition we would like to talk to you. Send us a resume and tell us how your presence could help us grow and develop.

Positive Attitude – A Key Feature For Aspiring Los Angeles Janitors

Our experience has taught us that there is nothing better than starting your working day in a clean place, surrounded by smiling people. Therefore we have decided to offer our partners unparalleled cleaning services done by enthusiast janitors from Los Angeles. Our staff enjoys their work, so it all comes naturally, without any effort. This is how we are: we love life and our job and we want to share our good mood with everyone regardless of the hour or day. At Empress Janitorial there is no such thing as grumpy Mondays or late afternoon frowns, but relaxed people doing their job with the same commitment every day, at any hour. Would you be one of our janitors in Los Angeles?

The Total Is Made Of Details – Dealing With Small Areas

Every area (regardless of its size) from the location is crucial for a perfect look. At Empress Janitorial we understand the importance of a perfectly clean location and the impact of immaculate office upon clients and employees. Therefore our Los Angeles janitors use all our resources to clean and sanitize all areas, including those hard accessible places. The success in cleaning industry is made of details, just like a puzzle where every piece matters. Do you think you can help us solve cleaning puzzles every day with the same attention to details and client oriented attitude? If your answer is yes, then we would be glad to see you work along our team of professional Los Angeles janitors.

Flexible Timetables – For Optimal Time Management

Janitorial cleaning involves working according to client’s requirements. This usually involves cleaning sessions scheduled in the evenings or during weekends. Our janitors from Los Angeles area are encouraged to specify their preferences when it comes to working hours, so that the schedule should be done accordingly. We respect our team members and value their help, so it is essential for us that they have a schedule adapted to their lifestyle.

Empress Janitorial has a strict selection process that enables us to choose only those skilled and trustworthy professionals. All team members are insured, bonded and benefit from all necessary protection against accidents. If our offer seems fair, drop your resume for an evaluation. There are great chances you will be part of the leading team in Los Angeles janitorial services.


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