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In a time where image sells, finding a professional Beverly Hills janitorial service should be a priority. You invest time and energy in developing your business, constructing long term partnerships with your team and convincing potential clients that you are the best in your field, so you should hire a professional cleaning service that does the same. With an experience spanning on over a decade, our teams offer high quality janitorial service for Beverly Hills companies.

Experience Matters When Offering Janitorial Service For Beverly Hills Companies

For many, the word “experience” sounds like an old cliché meant to attract clients. In reality, experience is essential when providing janitorial service in Beverly Hills. Through the years we have learned what clients want, have continuously improved our services, have trained and carefully selected our team members and have built a professional company that can offer you the best cleaning experience available in the area.

Now Empress Janitorial boasts professional equipment, high quality cleaning products and well trained, trustworthy and respectful staff. We put all that in your service, so that you can have a sparkling clean office and enough time to focus on all the other aspects of your business.

Communication – The Key For The Perfect Janitorial Service In Beverly Hills

We know that communication is the main ingredient in any successful collaboration. This is why we interact with our clients from the first quote request until the final feedback. We listen to your needs and requirements, follow your directions, pay attention to your specifications and take your feedback seriously so that next time we can surpass your expectations once again.

To conduct our communication in a professional way, Empress Janitorial directs each client booking janitorial service for Beverly Hills companies towards a personal Account Manager who will keep in touch with them during our collaboration. The Account Manager provides information about our services, devises cleaning plans with the client, supervises the team’s work and mediates possible misunderstandings.

Responsible Staff Management Leads To Professional Beverly Hills Janitorial Service

Empress Janitorial is formed only of well trained professionals. We understand that only people who enjoy this type of job, have the necessary skills and are trained accordingly can provide high quality janitorial service in Beverly Hills. This is why we have invested time and money in staff management. We only hire people who have been in this field for at least five years and can prove their skills through references and client feedback. We test their work periodically and stimulate them by offering compensation for good work. This responsible staff management has significantly increased the quality of the cleaning services, thus leading to customer satisfaction.

Trust us with your Beverly Hills janitorial service for a professional approach, a friendly, yet respectful staff and a five star cleaning service. With Empress Janitorial, it is easy to make the right choice from the first time!


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