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Green Janitorial Services by the Culver City Green Cleaning Pros

Green janitorial services in Culver City is quite recent. While many cleaning companies have struggled to implement green cleaning for residences, very few janitors have made this type of cleaning available for commercial clients. As leaders on the market, Empress Janitorial has a great interest in innovative solutions for business cleaning. Therefore, offering our clients high quality green janitorial services in Culver City is a priority for us. There are many advantages associated with green cleaning and we want to share them with our partners.

Protecting The Environment With Green Janitorial Services For Culver City Businesses

Chemical ingredients present in traditional cleaning products have a powerful impact on the planet. Released in the air they pollute the atmosphere in the office, and when improperly disposed they contaminate the water and the ground. Just imagine the quantity of chemicals used for janitorial services in Culver City and you will have an accurate idea of the disaster to which traditional cleaning products may lead in the near future. Switching to green products is a choice today, but a necessity for a healthy living in the future.

Green Cleaning Equals Healthy Janitorial Services For Culver City Employees

Traditional cleaning products are not only damaging for the environment, but they are also triggering factors for different conditions. Exposing your employees to harsh chemicals may result in allergies, asthma attacks and even rashes and skin problems. Eco-friendly products are formulated with low chemical substances which have minimum impact on people’s health and in some cases only natural ingredients are used, making green products the safest option for Culver City janitorial services.

Empress Janitorial supports the usage of green products as a means of protecting your employees’ health as well as a way of limiting negative impact of chemical products on our staff. By using non-invasive cleaning products and state of the art equipment we try to protect our staff from any occupational disease which may occur while providing janitorial services in Culver City.

Up To Date Equipment, Microfiber Cloths And Proper Waste Disposal

There is more to green cleaning than employing eco-friendly products for the janitorial services in Culver City. Empress Janitorial makes use of up to date equipment that cleans effectively thus promoting a protective attitude towards the environment and its resources. Furthermore, we use damp cloths or microfiber cloths which can be washed and reused so as to produce less waste and actively contribute to a cleaner environment.

On the other hand, proper waste disposal limits pollution risks and increases citizen’s awareness. As a responsible Culver City janitorial services provider, Empress Janitorial carefully disposes waste and encourages clients to reuse and recycle materials as much as possible.

Conducting successful business in a clean and safe environment is possible when having an eco-friendly approach to cleaning. Empress Janitorial offers new and current partners the chance to try green cleaning for their companies at the same rate as regular cleaning. Furthermore, janitors can use green products while still keeping part of the traditional products clients like. Because we work on a month to month basis, the cleaning program can be changed and adjusted to match clients’ requirements and green cleaning can be introduced or removed according to client’s preferences.


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