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Licensed and Bonded Janitorial Services in Los Angeles for $99

Trusting your Los Angeles janitorial services provider is the first step towards a long term partnership. The risks associated with assigning your company’s cleaning to unprofessional staff are significant and can have a negative impact upon your company’s budget. Therefore, before making your final choice in favor of one or another cleaning company it is recommended to search for those partners that can provide you with solid proof of their track record.

Empress Janitorial Provides Licensed And Bonded Janitorial Services In Los Angeles

We know that our clients’ value their business just as much as we value ours, so we have done all that is legally possible to protect them against accidents. We have started this process by carefully selecting our staff. Our teams are made up of experienced, highly skilled, respectful and responsible janitors. We check their criminal records and professional backgrounds so that your businesses will be in good hands each time you request Los Angeles janitorial services from Empress Janitorial.

The next step in facilitating a good partnership with our clients was to take care of all legal issues. Our company is licensed and has all papers in good order, so that we will not only provide the best janitorial services in Los Angeles, but will also be reliable partners for our clients. We have gone through all the necessary procedures to prove our stability, trustworthiness and meet all the state and federal regulations for your protection. While legal papers are not very attractive, they are the best proof of company’s good intentions. If you have further questions regarding our license or our janitorial services in Los Angeles, please ask us for more information.

We Offer Peace Of Mind

For Empress Janitorial, bonding came as a natural choice. Client satisfaction is our top priority, regardless if we clean a small company or offer our professional janitorial services for Los Angeles companies exceeding 200 employees. We carefully supervise the work in every location, make periodical inspections and compensate our employees properly so that they will enjoy their work and commit only to quality services. We also guarantee our Los Angeles janitorial services and continuously re-evaluate our standards. Furthermore, we encourage clients to notify us in respect to any unsatisfactory Los Angeles janitorial services provided by our company. Due to our client-oriented policy, we believe that bonding is a necessity for any cleaning company as offers clients the guarantee that the cleaning session will go according to plan.

We believe that janitorial services for Los Angeles companies should be affordable and high quality. Therefore we have set low hourly rates for all our services and have dropped the hourly limit to 3 hours so that even small locations can benefit from professional cleaning services. The $99 offer is already our clients’ favorite choice for maintenance cleaning. See how it can suit your business and discover the other benefits associated with choosing a bonded and insured company for your businesses cleaning necessities.


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