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Now Hiring – The Best Janitors Work for Santa Monica Based Empress Janitorial

Are you ready to be part of a fast growing team of Westwood janitors that offer high quality services and plenty of reasons to smile every day? Join Empress Janitorial for a pleasant experience, smiling faces and grateful clients that always come back for more. We are enlarging our team and would like you to be a part of it. Show us how you can make our business better and we will reward you with a stable job where you get respect, equal chances, fair treatment and a flexible schedule. If we have stirred your curiosity, here are the few standards which our Westwood janitors need to meet in order to become part of our company.

Clean Criminal Record

Our partners put their businesses in our hands, so we reward their trust by sending only reliable and hard-working janitors to Westwood headquarters. Therefore, aspiring janitors must provide solid proof of their trustworthiness in order to be considered for a job at Empress Janitorial. We respect our clients; therefore we consider it necessary to check our employees’ criminal records. If your past is clean and your intentions are good, send us a resume to become one of our top janitors in Westwood.

Stellar References From Previous Employer(S)

Empress Janitorial only hires professional Westwood janitors, so positive references are essential when joining our team. While all Empress Janitorial team members receive thorough training when being hired, it is always desirable to have only hard-working, focused and customer-oriented persons in our team from the beginning. It is our way to make sure that each one of the team members will fully rise up to our high standards.

Experience In The Janitorial Cleaning Field

We prefer all our employees have at least five years of experience in the janitorial cleaning field. This will ensure a good knowledge on the basic cleaning procedures, cleaning products available on the market and the existing cleaning equipment. The notions will help the new Westwood janitors get accustomed with our cleaning procedures faster and properly adjust to our policy.

Furthermore, a person working in this field for over 5 years is conscious of what this job involves and is ready to commit only to high quality results. Our main goal is forming stable teams that can effectively address clients’ cleaning issues. Westwood janitors that come and go are not on our “must hire” list.


With over a decade experience in providing janitorial services for our clients, we have come in contact with different persons and professionals. By far the best Westwood janitors are those people who are enthusiastic about their job. When you enjoy your job it shows in the attention paid to each area to be clean, the easiness to do things right from the first time and in that smile on your face. Therefore, if you know how to be a good Westwood janitor and enjoy being one, visit our headquarters for an interview. We will be glad to share with you our experience and find out some of your secret cleaning strategies.


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