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Original Business Janitorial Service in Santa Monica – Empress

Founded in 1999 – Empress Janitorial is the Original Business Janitorial Service in Santa Monica

Empress Janitorial has been offering professional business janitorial services in Santa Monica since 1999. Our company has grown through our partners’ trust and feedback and our techniques have developed according to market needs. We are now leaders in our niche, provide local Santa Monica cleaning services and have gained the trust of many businesses in the area. Our clients vary from large retailers to small entrepreneurial companies. Each space receives special attention for perfect results.

The success of our business janitorial service in Santa Monica is based on the following premises:

No Compromises When It Comes To Business Janitorial Services For Santa Monica Clients

Empress Janitorial makes no compromises when it comes to clients’ satisfaction. We use high quality products and up to date cleaning equipment in an attempt to provide flawless business janitorial services for Santa Monica companies. We have introduced green cleaning and eco-friendly cleaning supplies to limit the toxicity of cleaning sessions on the employees inside the building. We hire experienced janitors with spotless criminal records and a customer service approach. Through all these measures we maintain the five star services that our customers have grown accustomed to.

Flexibility Is Essential For A Perfect Cleaning Collaboration

Our business janitorial services for Santa Monica clients are flexible and easily customized to any type of space. We do not come with pre-established cleaning packages, but rather work with our client in coming up with the best solution for the given location. Clients’ suggestions are welcomed and encouraged for a successful collaboration.

High Quality At Competitive Prices

We believe that a loyal and reliable business partner prices their service competitively. This is why we have chosen to maintain our economical rates and explain to our clients how the cost is determined. Furthermore, we have a three hour minimum, which allows smaller companies to benefit from our high quality Santa Monica business janitorial services.

Respect For Our Clients

Timeliness is essential for every business, so our janitors will always be on time. In case of delay caused by traffic, weather or unpredictable events our clients will be informed immediately. The Empress Janitorial team wears a distinctive uniform and has name tags, so that you can always know who is inside your office. Furthermore, we always wear a smile, respond politely when asked and do not disturb your employees. These practices display our respectful approach to business janitorial services.

Innovation Is The Key For Top Business Janitorial Services In Santa Monica

The best way to maintain your client satisfaction is to always evolve to your clients changing needs. We continuously introduce the latest equipment and the most innovative cleaning products, so that our business janitorial service for Santa Monica companies increases efficiency and reduces any impact on the people inside the building. Empress Janitorial has also directed its attention towards developing green cleaning standards and we provide this type of cleaning for clients interested in a chemical-free environment.

Our success and growing number of clients motivates us to continue our expansion. If you want to try our cleaning service or have any questions related to our company, feel free to contact us. We will be glad to help you grow your business in a healthy, clean and happy environment.


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