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Our 100% Dependable Venice Janitors Get Better Because We Listen

Our clients are the reason for which Empress Janitorial exists. Therefore, no effort seems too big when it comes to pleasing them. Boasting a team of professional Venice janitors willing to constantly improve their services, Empress Janitorial is one of Venice’s most reputable and dependable cleaning companies. Since our beginning we have heavily relied on our clients for feedback and guidance before, during and after the cleaning session. We like to hear people’s specifications and requirements for a better compliance with their needs.

Voicing Expectations – The Path Towards High Quality Cleaning Services

Before starting the cleaning session, we send an Empress janitorial manager to evaluate the location and create a customized cleaning plan. Client specifications and requirements help us understand the main issues associated with cleaning that specific location. Our clients know those problems better and have an idea about what they want our Venice janitors to do, so we are encouraging owners and employees to talk to us and voice their expectations. Suggestions, requirements as well as ideas about the final result are welcome and will be taken seriously by all our janitors from Venice teams.

Directions During Cleaning Sessions – Avoiding Disappointment

Empress Janitorial’s Venice janitors give the necessary attention to each side of the room, carefully cleaning the desks, sweeping the floors and addressing the areas which need sanitizing. In the process of cleaning, we make sure that each activity from the cleaning plan is well done and the results are excellent. However, there may be places that are not given the attention needed or places that may be overlooked. While this happens rarely with our Venice janitors, we highly recommend our clients to specify to our staff the areas which have been overlooked so that the situation can be solved instantly, thus avoiding an unpleasant result. Our Venice janitors like to do things right from the first time, regardless of the workload involved, so we are grateful for any directions that clients can give during the cleaning session.

Feedback – There Is Always Something To Learn For Every Experience

All our cleaning services are 100% guaranteed, which means that we will not settle for less than our clients’ full satisfaction. We maintain our client’s happiness by offering high standard cleaning that will put the company and its staff in a good light. When problems appear, our Venice janitors are ready to come back and solve any overlooked area or item. We are happy to hear positive feedback, but we also appreciate honest opinions that will highlight the things which could be even better. In our opinion, there is always something to learn from every client and something to improve after each cleaning experience. If we meet your standards, we are extremely satisfied that our work has contributed to your business development.

Clients’ appreciation is the most valuable prizes we can receive. Their words please us and motivate us even further to keep the standards high and always provide the same quality janitorial services. Empress Janitorial’s Venice janitors are thankful to each of their partners for helping this business grow and develop into a strong leader on the local cleaning market.


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