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Our Janitors Get Rave Reviews from Businesses in Century City

Empress Janitorial is happy to send your office the best rated janitors in Century City. If you work only with the best, then consider trying our teams for thorough cleaning sessions at affordable prices. Even though we may seem like the average cleaning company providing janitorial services in your area, our staff makes the difference. Due to their commitment and seriousness, our partners have found how thorough cleaning can improve their company’s image.

High quality cleaning products and state of the art machines are necessary for a successful cleaning session. Yet, all equipment is useless without two hands that know how to properly use it. At Empress Janitorial we have gathered those professional janitors from Century City who know how to use each product for maximum effects with minimum effort. Furthermore, they have solid knowledge about the substances which can be used for each type of surface and can select the best product for sensitive areas. We do not scratch or destroy surfaces, but make them shine and sparkle after each cleaning session.

Our Century City Janitors Clean All The Areas In The Building And Do It Right The First Time

We clean the cabinets, fixtures, handles, door knobs and electronic devices with the same attention with which we clean the restrooms and bathrooms. We remove ALL dust and dirt, so that the location will be really clean. The word “superficial” has no room in the vocabulary of our Century City janitors. Therefore, we will clean the area from the back of the toilets to the front of the office and will give the proper attention to those areas which need sanitizing. Do not expect to find dirt under your furniture or the trash where you left it, because this is not how we work. Appearance may be deceiving with other companies, but with Empress Janitorial what you get is what you see. It is because of this that our partners have rated our janitors from Century City first when it comes to cleaning services.

However, high quality service is not the sole factor prompting our janitors from Century City to be the best cleaning providers. Their professional attitude, uniforms and their friendly, yet respectful attitude have been highly appreciated by our partners. Starting the day surrounded by smiling people that answer all your questions and do their job properly is what every businessman is looking for. While we cannot change your employees, we guarantee that our janitors in Century City have that professional attitude regardless of hour or location to be cleaned.

Our Janitors From Century City Are Flexible And Easy To Work With

They are receptive to any suggestions and requirements and can adjust their services according to client specifications, which makes the cleaning session more effective and client-oriented. If you are not satisfied with the results, just notify the team and they will go back to remediate the issue at no extra charge.


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