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Quality Commercial Janitorial Services Now Provided in Playa Vista

The office is like second home for most employees, so professional commercial janitorial services for Playa Vista companies are essential for their well-being. Whether you work in a small company or in a large corporation, the risks associated with group interaction are the same. Viruses and bacteria find an easy prey in groups of workers and only a thorough cleaning and disinfection can prevent the spreading of unwanted germs.. Empress Janitorial cleans and sanitizes all surfaces, paying great attention to details so that employees’ health will be protected against any type of illness. We are well known for our professionalism and high quality Playa Vista commercial janitorial services.

Attention To Detail

We address all those areas which are dirty or dusty to offer the space a clean and neat aspect, but we also give the necessary attention to those small, yet important items in your office. The door knobs, light switches, refrigerator handles, toilet handles and dispensers may not look dirty, but they are major sources of infection. This is why they are always on our list of priorities for Playa Vista commercial janitorial services. We also clean all surfaces to prevent mold, fungi and bacteria from forming..

A high quality cleaning does not only involve sparkling surfaces, but also a safe environment. This is why we limit the products containing harsh chemicals, use microfiber cloths and mops and continuously update our cleaning products so that employees suffering from asthma or different types of allergies will not have to suffer because of our commercial janitorial services in Playa Vista.

Quality Cleaning Is Durable.

Because we dust, mop and clean even those areas which apparently are clean, the results of our commercial janitorial services for Playa Vista companies last. Dust does not come back the next day and the rooms smell nice even long after our janitors have finished cleaning. In the long run this means economy for the client, a comfortable working area for the employer and a solid reputation for us.

Adapting to Every Environment

At Empress Janitorial we have come in contact with all types of working environments, from offices to real estate proprieties and from construction sites to schools. Thus, we have the necessary experience to handle any cleaning projects, regardless of their size or degree of difficulty. Our staff is specialized in commercial janitorial services in Playa Vista, so that they know exactly how each location should be addressed for optimal results.

The easiness to adapt to a client’s requirements recommends us as one of the best provider of commercial janitorial services in Playa Vista. While we make a cleaning plan based on onsite evaluation at the beginning of any contract, there are things which can be improved along the way. Our janitors are able to spot the areas which need further cleaning and adapt the plan so as to offer quality Playa Vista commercial janitorial services without affecting client’s initial budget.

Empress Janitorial is the first choice for many local companies. We are available every day, from Monday to Sunday, so that your working space can be assisted during working hours as well as outside your program. Our commercial janitorial services for Playa Vista companies are diversified and can fully comply with client requirements.


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