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Tips For Finding the Best Century City Commercial Janitorial Service

If your company looks more like a devastated place than a working area, it is time you look for a commercial janitorial service in Century City. It may take some time to select the best provider for your cleaning needs, but high quality services are worth the effort. Once you have made the right choice, you will never have to worry about your company’s image. Yet, before settling for a cleaning company, here are some tips to help you throughout the selection process.

Internet – The Most Comfortable And Rewarding Way Of Looking For A Century City Commercial Janitorial Service

Use the internet as a starting point in your quest for the best commercial janitorial service for Century City businesses. It will provide you with a comprehensive list of janitorial companies. You can rely on search engines to find cleaning companies in your area or you can look up certain companies referred to you by third parties. Search their website for their policies, service guarantee, testimonials and contact details. If a company is too small to have a website, they are probably also unable of answering all your needs and requirements. You do not need to hire a company that uses cheap products, old equipment and insufficient staff members to cover the location.

Ask If The Janitors Are Hired Or The Company Uses Subcontractors

When talking with the company’s representative, ask if the staff used for commercial janitorial service in Century City is hired or the company uses subcontractors to outsource the job. In most cases, subcontractors are not insured, bonded and sometimes do not even have a license, which leaves you uncovered in case of accident, theft or damage. Furthermore, the subcontracted janitors may not be trained accordingly, which can result in poor quality Century City commercial janitorial service.

Personalized Quote Based On Onsite Evaluation

When asking for a quote for commercial janitorial service in Century City, any responsible cleaning company will want an onsite evaluation so that they can forward an accurate price. If a company provides you a quote based only on your square meters, then they will most likely forward an overpriced offer which will extra time needed for the activity. While it is more convenient to get a quote from the first call, remember that in most cases you will pay more than necessary. Furthermore, if they refuse to come down and evaluate your needs, do you think they will do a good job when contracted for professional Century City commercial janitorial service?

Empress Janitorial has client satisfaction as the primary goal. We hire our janitors, check their records and train them appropriately. We are licensed, insured and bonded for your safety and comfort. Moreover, we take the time to explain to you all the steps of the cleaning process, we develop the plan with you and we come to the location for an accurate price quote. You can find all the things you need about us and our Century City commercial janitorial service on our website, on the phone or by email.


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