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We Do Superior Cleanings – Office Janitorial Services in Los Angeles

Empress Janitorial is leader in the Los Angeles office janitorial services market. Following our goal and staying true to our principles, we gained our partners’ trust and proved our skills. Now we keep along the same lines, following the path of great services at affordable prices. While multiple things have changed in office janitorial services in Los Angeles since our debut on the market, our respect for clients and the high quality of our services have remained the same and are here to stay.

Sparkling Surfaces And 100% Clean Areas Define Our Los Angeles Office Janitorial Services

Empress Janitorial commits for nothing less than 100% clean and sanitized areas. Whether you need daily office janitorial services for Los Angeles headquarters or a onetime thorough cleaning, our janitors make all surfaces shine and sparkle. Using quality equipment and proper cleaning products our janitors can provide coverage for large commercial spaces as well as for small sized offices. High appliances, narrow spaces and hard to reach corners are not a problem for our staff. Furthermore, we clean under desks and in the back of the office furniture so that no dust or dirt will ruin the office’s look.

Long-Lasting Office Janitorial Services In Los Angeles

Superficial cleaning lasts only two or three hours at the most. Then, dust comes back and all the exposed areas bear the marks of a poorly done cleaning. While small offices tend to be less affected by the immediate effects of a superficial cleaning, large spaces or highly crowded locations have to deal with this quite often. When choosing Empress Janitorial for office janitorial services in Los Angeles, dust and dirt do not come back immediately after our team has left. The surfaces remain shiny and good looking for a long period of time and a discreet fragrance scents the air. Furthermore, we invest in products and equipment that can clean in depth for high quality Los Angeles office janitorial services that last.

Healthy Environment For A Company’s Good Functioning

A location needs cleaning and sanitizing in order to provide a healthy work area for employees. Empress Janitorial acknowledges the impact chemical products can have on the people working inside the offices and tries to limit the use of toxic products in favor of safe cleaning supplies. Eco-friendly cleaning is a natural alternative among business owners. At Empress Janitorial you can test green office janitorial services for Los Angeles companies at the same price as traditional cleaning.

Empress Janitorial is specialized in professional office janitorial services for Los Angeles area and we would like to do anything else. We like to earn our clients’ trust by providing stellar cleaning services day after day, year after year. We do not make use of contracts to keep clients with us, but rather like to give our partners freedom to choose the best option for their business. Empress Janitorial was built by placing client on top of our priorities and this is how it is going to stay.


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